We are helping you to transfer your account from Champion Strike: Crypto Arena (CSC) to the Champion Strike (CS) server.


Server Transfer Procedures:

1. Log in to the CS App with the account you want to be transferred. Identical CSC-linked accounts and Guest accounts cannot be transferred, so please create new platform-linked accounts to be transferred with. (CSC & CS platform-linked single account cannot be server transferred.)

2. Click the ‘Server Transfer’ button in the Settings tab and generate an authentication code in the pop-up screen. A 5-digit code will be generated, which is valid for 3 minutes (180 seconds). (If it expires, click the button to reissue a new authentication code.)

3. Access the CSC app and click ‘Server Transfer’ at the top of the lobby. After clicking, enter the 5-digit authentication code generated in the pop-up screen. You can simply paste it by clicking on the code insert box. If the authentication code has expired, please reissue a new authentication code and try again.

4. If you enter a valid authentication code correctly, the CS account to be server transferred with will appear. If you confirm the server transfer, the account shown above will be deleted, so please check and click the ‘Proceed Sever Transfer’ button to confirm.

(Once the server transfer proceeds, the displayed account will be deleted.)

5. If you see the message ‘Server transfer completed’, all the procedures have been completed.

If you fail to enter the game, please try again later.




- Unclaimed Inbox mails will be deleted when transferring servers, so please make sure to collect all your rewards from the Inbox first.

- Gameplay is not possible while the server transfer is in progress. The processing time may vary, but we will assist you as quickly as possible.

- CSC & CS linked single account cannot be server transferred. Please proceed with a new platform-linked account.

  • The current CS account receiving the server transfer request will be deleted. Please check once more before the process begins.


Here is the list of contents to be transferred:

Here is the list of the contents NOT to be transferred: