The "World League" is a competition event that divides players of similar medals into groups and determines the best player in their respective groups. During the event period, you can earn league points based on the results of the World Battle and you can obtain reward items according to the order of the rankings. Are you ready to show off your skills and prove you're the best player in the league?

[World League]
1. Divide players of similar medals into groups randomly.
2. Earn World League points in the World Battles during the event (Win or Draw).
3. League points can be found on the World Battle result screen.
4. The World League ranking information is updated in real-time.
5. Reward items can be acquired according to the rank determined after the end of the World League.
6. To be eligible for World League rewards, all participants in the group must finish their battle before they can receive the reward.

[Forming League Rankings]
World League ranking is based on league points earned during the World Battle event period. If two players have the same score, the league rank will be decided by who scored latest.
The World League participation medal may differ on each World League.
A player who got promoted to participation available medals will automatically join the World League group. The World League randomly selects players from similar medals to form a World League group. After the World League group is formed, players will still remain in the group even if he or she gets promoted or demoted.

A player who got promoted to participation available medals will automatically join the in-process World League group.

[Cut-off medal]
The cut-off medal is the minimum medal score which players can receive the World League's points. If your medal is lower than the cut-off medal, you will not be able to earn league points.

World League rewards can be acquired after the event is over. Reward items differ depends on World League rankings and participants must have at least certain league points to receive rewards. Specific required league points may differ by medals and rewards are listed at the bottom of the World League reward Information.